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message on the pavement

Boring, married, 30 year-old wannabe writer and happy little geek. Fandoms were previously X-files ('97-'02), Harry Potter ('04-ish-'08), and Twilight ('08-'12 -- but we won't talk about that), but now, well, Supernatural ('12-present) is my crack.

I'm the Co-director of Carry On, a support group for Supernatural fans. It's a really great place, and we do lots of positive projects, so check it out. :-)

I've recently (March '13) started taking horseback riding lessons, (English, hunter/jumper...well, jumper eventually) and now I'm a wee bit horse crazy!

Oh, and I Tweet. FYI, if it happens to be locked, feel free to follow anyway. I occasionally do that when I get sick of the spambots.

I also have a Goodreads, but I'm not as active on there anymore. I've been pretty busy lately -- in a good way, for the most part. :-)